Top Tips for Navigating Home & Renovation Shows

Top Tips for Navigating Home & Renovation Shows

Planning a renovation? Maybe you’re in the dreaming phase and looking for inspiration on what’s new and hot in kitchen appliances or looking to make a “She Shed”. Regardless of your plans, there will be all of this and more at the upcoming home and renovation shows.As these shows can be a little overwhelming with all of the top experts, your best approach is to plan ahead and be focussed. This will help you stay on track and get the most inspiration and information you need to get out of the shows.

Here are top tips for getting the most out of a home and renovation show:

  1. Wear the comfiest walking shoes you own…you will likely achieve your 10,000 steps and more.
  2. Bring photos of the existing area you are looking to work on (measurements are a bonus). This will help immensely when speaking with vendors or designers and you will get lots of feedback and ideas of what you can do…likely solutions you’ve never even imagined. This is your time to get expert advice at no cost!
  3. Bring your camera/smart phone so you can snap inspiring design and renovation ideas. See a colour scheme you like? Snap away!
  4. Be specific about what you are seeking out. This will ensure you get the quality of information you are looking for for your specific project and you’ll make time to speak with vendors and brands that pertain to your project(s).
  5. Check out the list of exhibitors ahead of time and visit their websites. Make a list of the ones you want to visit. This will give you an idea of their work/products and save you time stopping at vendors not on your list.
  6. Bring Post-its! You’ll leave with a slew of brochures and booklets. By identifying each piece of sales material you gather (and only take the ones you really want) you’ll be in much better shape once you get home to review. Here are some ideas as tp how you could label each post-it: inspiration, compare prices online, share ideas with current contractor, look-up product for reviews, follow-up for quote, and so on.
  7. Ask vendors if they price match or have a special promotion. Many big box stores do this and so other retailers are also getting on board to remain competitive. This will save you big bucks when/if you’re ready to buy.
  8. As mentioned previously, don’t spend time on booths that don’t coincide with your project. Not planning on buying a hot tub? Then stroll right on by those techno-colour, million jet tubs…as alluring as they may be.
  9. Do a post mortem. This is where your post-it’s will come in handy. Shortly after you return home (not likely that night as you’ll be soaking your feet and enjoying a glass of wine we presume), review all of the material you’ve collected and follow up on your notes.

These shows are a great place for you to see the best of the best and be inspired and better informed when approaching work in your home.

Wishing you much inspiration!
Ian & Franci Ross